Even the Dust Will Be Swept Away

Gary Wilkerson

God is searching for believers who desire to be thoroughly holy. Zephaniah 1:12 states, “I will search Jerusalem with lamps.” This means he comes, as it were, with lamps looking in the corners, checking the basement areas and places where one does not routinely go. He searches our hearts, looking deep, probing stubborn and unknown sins — sins not touched and not repented for.

When God brings in his lamps, he introduces us to things we did not even recognize. His searchlight helps him find and cut out even the “dust” of our sin so that nothing is left untouched. You may think your life is clean, and you should be thankful that God has done a wonderful work. You know that God is graciously working in a certain area — but what you may not realize is that as soon as he is finished in that area he will lead you into another area. When you feel him turn his lamp on you, you know there is more to be done. God is thorough and will do a powerful work in your life; he won’t stop until everything that doesn’t belong is removed.

God is looking for intercessors to cry out for the altar to be filled with humble people — those who will say with a broken heart, “I am hungry for more of Jesus! I long for him to stir my heart.” God wants people who don’t just make their lives look good outwardly by doing and saying the right things, but who also want their hearts to be changed. These are people who want holiness in the deepest recesses of their life — they want every trace of worldliness to be eradicated, and even the dust from their sin to be swept away.

And God is searching for humble leaders who acknowledge the sovereignty of the Lord and serve him alone. We all must say with John the Baptist, “He must increase, but I must decrease” (John 3:30).