The Door to a New Life

Rachel Chimits

One brave girl survived years of abuse and then found a way to reunite with her brothers as God opened the way for her to discover a new life.

The story of Mia’s life is one of a redeemed past opening doors to a new future.

Her mom remarried when she was fairly young, and from that moment on, Mia’s life wasn’t the same anymore.

Soon after the wedding, the stepfather began to abuse her. She told her mother, but nothing changed. The abuse went on and on for years. Finally, Mia decided that she couldn’t bear it anymore. Before, she would’ve been too embarrassed to tell people what was happening at home, but now she felt like had no choice. She had to escape.

She went over to the neighbors and explained to them what was happening in her house. The family listened carefully to her and then they contacted child protection services. The case had to be researched, but in the end, the stepfather was sentenced to several years in prison.

Mia was moved to a home for girls, and a few months later, her stepbrothers were sent to our partners in Romania, Casa Sanctuary.

Recreating Her Own Small Family

The 3 boys came straight to Casa Sanctuary in February 2019, but Mia had been placed in a home in another town that put her a considerable distance from her brothers.

She would come to our partners’ center to visit the boys whenever she could, but the separation was hard on them all. She made several requests to her contact at Child Protection services, asking to be moved so she could be with her brothers. Months later, though, her case lingered on the wait list.

One day while she was visiting her brothers, our partners had a youth event at the church. Mia decided to tag along, hardly realizing that her life was about to change forever. That night, she received Jesus as her Savior, and the team had an opportunity to talk more to her about her past and current situation.

The team gathered afterward to pray for Mia and her fragile new life, both spiritually and practically. They had to trust that God would work matters out for the best.

They did not trust or wait in vain. The wheels of bureaucracy suddenly began to move, and no less than two months later, Mia was moved at Casa Sanctuary and officially reunited with her brothers.

Reflecting on her life at the center, one of the team remarked, “We have seen Mia going through school and growing in her faith in each area in her life throughout the last few years. She got water baptize and spirit-filled and now serves in our ministry for younger children. More than anything, we are so proud of her and how God changed her heart and the miracles he is doing in her life.“

A Love to Have and to Hold

While in high school, Mia met a handsome young guy. They started to talk and began coming to church together. This boy had his encounter with his Savior too and was truly changed by God.

They both graduated from high school, and this young man approached the team. He wanted to ask them for permission to marry Mia. They joyfully gave the young couple their blessing. “We love them both, and we know God has huge plans for them. We are so happy and blessed to have Mia in our family, and we thank God for her.”

Mia is currently working hard while her fiancé is learning his family’s business. Mia’s Casa Sanctuary family is helping them organize their wedding plans, and everyone is very excited to see what God does in their lives.

Her life is now a far cry from the desperate circumstances she barely escaped so long ago; now it is full of people who love her and a future with hope.