Take Care of these Little Ones

Mark Buzzetta

God is reaching out and caring for the least of these through faithful servants in his church and the generous support of World Challenge’s followers.

In many parts of the world, Widows and orphans are subjected to extreme poverty. For many widows, it’s because they may be in a culture that doesn’t offer many opportunities for a woman to work. Those societies tend to be the same ones where girls are not given much in the way of education, and many can barely read or write, further sinking their employment chances.

Many orphans are abandoned by other family members who can ill-afford to support another child, and they frequently suffer abuse in temporary homes or from other people on the streets.

God realizes that widows and orphans are some of the most vulnerable groups of people the world. Scriptures written thousands of years ago attest to this fact, and we are called to support and protect these ‘little ones.’ At World Challenge, we take these biblical commands seriously and help thousands of widows and orphans in nearly 20 countries.

We offer food, housing, skills training, discipleship, evangelism and medical care to widows and orphans through our trusted, long-time Christian partners on the ground. Health care is often one of the most overlooked and neglected areas due to a lack of funds. When you are in survival mode for food and shelter, there simply is nothing left over for the type of health care we here in the United States take for granted.

This is where World Challenge has been blessed by our donors to have resources to step in and address these critical care needs.

In Egypt and Guatemala for example, we provided funding for 200 widows to have cataract surgery. In Romania, we provide ongoing funding for children in an orphanage to have their teeth examined and cavities filled as well as glasses for those who need them. Some of these children were struggling in school because they could not see the blackboard before receiving their glasses.

In India, we provide widows with the medicine that they are unable afford on their government pensions of about $50 per month. In Albania, we provide cancer treatment. In Guatemala, we help fund a full-time doctor that tends to over 250 orphans and widows.

What is the result of this care? Widows can see to venture outside and grow food in their yards; orphans avoid painful dental work down the road in the form of root canals or extractions. Infections are treated; diabetes and HIV medicines extend lives, and cancer treatments provide hope. All these individuals receive dignity and hope as loving Christian volunteers and service providers share the gospel by word and deed.

In many countries where the government could care less if widows and orphans live or die and family members are not available to help, World Challenge extends the love of Christ through the gospel message, visitation, discipleship and practical aid such as food, housing, medicine and health care.