World Challenge Stories

  • The Great Commission’s Call

    World Challenge Staff

    A wide view of World Challenge’s recent growth and missional work to bring God’s good news to the nations.

    This year has already been one of incredible blessings, a time to witness the Holy Spirit’s movement. So far in 2019, we are equipping churches in 23 countries and engaged in 52 overall.

  • Bicyclists in Malawi

    Steve Voyen

    God is using World Challenge supporters and trainers to empower pastors in southeast Africa.

    World Challenge is based in beautiful Colorado Springs, in the shadows of the Rockies. Almost every time I or my team members hit the hiking paths around our sunny—or frequently snowy—city, we are bound to encounter intrepid bicyclists aggressively challenging the same mountain trails.

  • Turning Around on the Racetrack to Burnout

    Rachel Chimits

    One of the Ten Commandments is to keep the Sabbath holy, but modern society has chosen to ignore this with terrible consequences.

    In 1793, the French revolutionaries decided to do away with the calendar as Europe had known it. They wanted a “rational” calendar not based on the state-church that had supported the royal family and supposed divine right of kings.

  • The Spiritually Hungry in Lithuania

    Rachel Chimits

    God is reaching out to those who have lost nearly everything in this small Eastern European country.

    World Challenge’s partner churches in Lithuania have a motto in their city outreaches to widows and those trapped in inner-city poverty: Food kitchen ministries must not stop with feeding people.

    Eating will temporarily satisfy a physiological human need, but people who come to the church kitchen should get much more.

  • To Heal or Not to Heal

    Rachel Chimits

    When we pray for healing, God sometimes cures someone; but sometimes he doesn’t, and we’re left with the question, “Why?”

    When my father started college, he was still an unbeliever. He swung by his dorm room only to find a skinny guy on the other bed, reading a massive Bible that had so many highlighted passages that it looked like a stained-glass window.

    Ignoring the “weirdo,” my father settled into college life.

  • Life From the Ashes

    Rachel Chimits

    God is working through the church in Burundi to help widows and orphans survive great emotional and economic hardship.

    “My husband abandoned me and our two children,” one woman in Burundi shared with a World Challenge partner. “He’s a ‘pastor’ and now on his third wife.”

  • Where Church and Families Find Each Other

    Rachel Chimits

    God made people to operate best in families, whether we like it or not, but what happens when our families are not healthy?

    Nicky Gumbel tells a story in one of his devotionals about a busy father who was looking after his daughter and trying to find a way to keep her entertained while he worked. He took a magazine page with a world map and cut it into pieces, creating a make-shift puzzle for his little girl.

  • How Bad Is Pornography Really?

    Rachel Chimits

    In the internet age, vast numbers of believers are exposed and addicted to sexually explicit material, and the church has traditionally been silent on how they can find real freedom and healing.

    Spencer B. Olmstead and his colleagues conducted a survey of young college students, asking them what they thought about pornography.