Spiritual Discipline

Who Is this Person Again?

World Challenge Staff

Christ never forced people to follow him, and he let a lot of people walk away, so are we one of the noncommittal fans or are we an actual disciple of God? 

In the grand Mark Hellinger Theatre in Manhattan, David Wilkerson had just finished preaching a sermon. He headed backstage, and there was a woman and her daughter, smiling at him. He shook hands with them, perhaps expecting a comment on his sermon or a prayer request.

The Virtue of Patience in Pain

World Challenge Staff

God often permits pain to enter into his children’s lives, and he promises to gloriously transform these moments to joy, but the space of waiting between those two moments can be agonizing.

Stanford University may not have the long history of Oxford or Cambridge, but it’s prestigious and both its professors and students tend to be well-heeled. On campus, they have the grand Memorial Church, which has been called the University’s “architectural crown jewel.”

The Source of God’s Pain

World Challenge Staff

Believers often point to God’s pain at our sin, but why exactly sin causes God pain is rarely examined in scripture and even more rarely discussed.

Max Letizi was 12 years old when he began to experience double-vision and then painful, reoccurring headaches.

We Do Not Live on Bread Alone

If we want to get to know God and grow spiritually, then we need to develop a daily discipline of spending time with God in his word.