Falling in Love with the Gospel Again

In this session, John Bailey is joined by Gary Wilkerson to discuss how Bible teachers can cultivate a passion for their relationship with God and avoid falling into “Christ-less” Christianity.

The Shaping of a Leader

In this episode, John Bailey is joined by Gary Wilkerson to discuss how growing into a good leader must start with developing unique skills and God-given gifts rather than mimicking someone we admire.

Endings and New Beginnings

John Bailey and Mark Renfroe discuss how this season of their podcast is closing and what comes next for them both.

When to Leave a Church

This week, John Bailey and Mark Renfroe talk through some of the reasons why someone may leave a church.

Stitching Up the Wounds

Gary Wilkerson

How do we stir up a radical passion for God’s will and people in the world? Suffering and how we respond to it could be our answer.

Fiery passion for God’s work is born out of compassion, if you think about it. God sent Christ to die for sinners. Biblically, his glory and judgment go hand-in-hand with his love for us as his image-bearers and grief over sin.