Diving Into the Ocean Depths

Rachel Chimits

One local man ultimately came to know God through a tragic accident while free-diving in Nicaragua.

In Nicaragua, seafood is the second most important national export after coffee. Lobster diving is a major business there, and many of the best hunting spots are concentrated in the Autonomous Regions of the Atlantic Coast.

A Place to Learn and Worship

Rachel Chimits

World Challenge’s partners are working with Nicaraguan coffee farms to bring them hope for a new future as well as a new church.

People may joke about coffee being their lifeblood, but for many Nicaraguans, that saying comes all too close to the truth for very different reasons.

Freedom on Wheels

Rachel Chimits

Without a wheelchair, life can be very hard for those with limited mobility, but some are reaching out to them with a gift that will open new doors and opportunities.

Imagine having to crawl to get anywhere in your home.

Imagine most business owners taking one look at you and shaking their heads, no matter how qualified you were. “No. We don’t have any work for you.”

Hammer and Nails in God’s Service

Rachel Chimits

One man in Nicaragua was stripped of his job only to find an unexpected opportunity to know and serve his God.

At 52 years old, Eduardo’s main focus was providing for his two daughters. He worked in the free trade zone and had labored in a sweat shop for nearly 13 years until he was suddenly let go.

When he asked why, he was told, “Oh, we’re downsizing.”

A New Legacy for Nicaragua

Rachel Chimits

As turmoil grips a country, a new generation is rising up to lead.

The news is peppered with articles about government attacks on protestors and church leaders in Nicaragua. Reading all this, many might feel overwhelmed by the forces of evil, unrest and poverty in this small Central American country.

Fortunately, God is moving his people to reach those who are lost and hurting.