Healing Coming to Bosnia

World Challenge Staff

The gospel is bringing change and healing to a war-torn country through people’s hearts, minds and communities. 

World Challenge’s partner in Bosnia, Marko, has been working for years to help heal the scars caused by the Bosnian War in 1995 and then the Bosnian Spring in 2014.

From Fear to Freedom

Rachel Chimits

In Bosnia, one Roma boy who knew little else except anxiety and rejection began to experience God's love and freedom.

Thousands upon thousands of Roma people live in Bosnia-Herzegovina, but they are the invisible population.

The government estimates that anywhere between 10,000 and 60,000 Roma are unregistered, which makes accessing schools, hospitals and public resources where they might otherwise receive the help they need far more difficult.

Single Dads in Eastern Europe

Anna Kozlyuk

God is providing for two single-parent families in ways that neither could have predicted only a few short years ago.

Life has been hard for parents this year with the COVID-19 pandemic closing parks and schools. For those unused to having their children home all day long and for kids who suddenly found themselves stuck indoors day after day, the lockdowns proved to be a tough and, in some cases, discouraging season.

The Long Healing of Wounds in Bosnia

Rachel Chimits

One man’s painful journey with God has given him a unique heart for the suffering of Bosnia’s people.

The Bosnian War is still not forgotten.

When you stroll through the city of Tuzla, you can still see buildings riddled with bullet holes. Political corruption, economic issues and unemployment have dogged Bosnia since the bloody conflict that erupted between Bosnian Serbs and Muslims.