Brazil | World Challenge


Building Wells and Unity

Benjamin Demblowski
July 15, 2019

Brazil’s drought-stricken regions are experiencing new life through the hard work of World Challenge’s partner.

A lack of water affects everything in a community from basic health and sanitation to education and employment.

Clean water, as a basic human need, is foundational to building healthy communities. Meeting the physical need for water opens doors for people to receive what they thirst for most: living water.

Jacob’s Well was established to provide hope and practical help to farming towns ravaged by years of drought in northeastern Brazil.

While team members work alongside locals to build wells and help bring clean water to rural towns, these relationships open up opportunities to connect people to a church community and share the gospel. 

Making a Multi-Generational Church

Rachel Chimits
July 4, 2019

Church leaders in Brazil are looking for ways to build up children and teenagers as vital ministry workers. 

The ministry of Jacob’s Well extends throughout northern Brazil, sharing the gospel alongside helping people get access to the clean water but also teaching them new agricultural practices, hygiene lessons and other community skills.

Reading lessons are one of their programs, meant to combat the high levels of illiteracy in Brazil’s rural areas. 

One of their missionaries goes to a village in her region twice a week to hold a reading and writing class for the children and then one for the adults. One day, two of the middle school-aged students asked if they could stay for the adults’ class.

Spirit of Healing in Brazil

Rachel Chimits
April 1, 2019

Out of desperation, one little girl cried out to God to heal her father and her family.

Walking down a dusty sunbeaten road outside of Fortaleza, you might not realize that you’re only a half an hour drive from those gorgeous white beaches where the world’s top athletes played volleyball in the 2016 Olympics. 

While those summer games brought Brazil’s natural beauty to the world’s attention, it also made many people aware of the country’s gang violence, state corruption and sweeping poverty.   

As one of Brazil’s biggest cities, Fortaleza has some of the country’s most breathtaking beaches and dreariest ghettos, a portrait of the fabulously wealthy and the desperately poor living side-by-side. 

Growing Food and Faith in Impoverished Brazil

Benjamin Demblowski
September 17, 2018

The world may not see the desperate circumstances of the rural poor—but God has not forgotten these precious ones.  We have prayed for new opportunities to bring gospel hope to Latin America, and we were blessed to be introduced to Pedro, Cassia, and Robson in tiny Red Malhada, Brazil.

These passionate church leaders were excited to show us some of the humble farming projects they started to benefit their entire community.  Such outreaches are an important part of our vision at World Poverty Solutions (WPS), a ministry of World Challenge.  Yet, equally important is spiritual transformation—and it happens through faithful servants like these three.