How a Baptist Boy Scout Ended up at Teen Challenge

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A church can have a truly transformative effect on the people within its community. God is there for his people, and God’s people should be there for each other. Pastor Seth Drewry joins Gary Wilkerson to discuss God’s calling and the modern church.

Key Points from the Podcast

  • Seth Drewry grew up in a Christian home and felt a calling to ministry when he was 14-15 years old but resisted God for a couple years to follow his own plans.

  • After the tragic loss of his younger brother in a fatal car accident, Seth saw the love of the local church and the faithfulness of God as he and his family went through the grieving process.

  • Seth was encouraged by his mentor to pursue a degree in religious studies from a secular college so that he would learn how to engage with people who didn’t share his Christian worldview.

  • Growing up Seth did not hear much about the Holy Spirit in the Baptist church he attended, but while exploring churches in college he ended up in an Assemblies of God church where he was filled with Holy Spirit.

  • While attending an Assemblies of God church in college, Seth first heard about David Wilkerson, “The Cross and the Switchblade” and Teen Challenge.

Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

About Seth Drewry

Seth is a graduate of the College of William & Mary in Virginia with a Bachelors Degree in Religious Studies. He attended seminary through the Graduate School of Theology at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK graduating with a Master of Divinity degree. Seth serves on the Board of Directors of Teen Challenge Adventure Ranch in Morrow, Arkansas.

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About Gary Wilkerson

Gary Wilkerson is the President of World Challenge, an international mission organization that was founded by his father, David Wilkerson. He is also the Founding Pastor of The Springs Church, which he launched in 2009 with a handful of people. He has traveled nationally and internationally at conferences and conducted mission ventures such as church planting, starting orphanages, clinics, feeding programs among the poorest of the poor and the most unreached people of the earth. Gary and his wife Kelly have four children and live in Colorado Springs, CO.

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