Fire in Our Bones - San Diego 2024

The church in America needs an awakening. We need a move of God. Pastors and leaders, it starts with us.

Our heart is to see your passion for God and your calling rekindled…to see a fresh vision spark in your heart for your congregation and community…to see you walk in the power and victory of the Cross.

Join us in San Diego, February 28-March 1 to pray, worship and believe God together for a transformation in us and our nation.


Latest Content

How Prayers Turn to Praise - Psalm 28
Gary Wilkerson

In this sermon, Gary Wilkerson explores how scripture leads us into a deeper understanding of fervent and effectual prayer when we're suffering.

Do Not Love the World (1 John 2:15-17)
Joshua West

In this sermon, Joshua West explores why God's holiness means he does not accept any way of living that is apart from his law.

Gazing on the Beauty of the Lord - Psalm 27
Gary Wilkerson

In this sermon, Gary Wilkerson examines how this psalm invites us to search for God's face and presence in our troubles rather than for his saving hand.

Pulpit Series Newsletters
Seven Thousand Did Not Bow
David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

You remember the story of Elijah. On Mount Carmel, he faced 850 false prophets in a life-or-death showdown over whose God would prevail. He simply called on the Lord, and supernatural fire fell from heaven.

BEST OF: Avoiding the Ditches of Cheap Grace and Legalism

Joshua West joins the Gary Wilkerson Podcast to discuss identifying legalism or extreme grace in our personal worldview.

The Mountain and the Garden
Gary Wilkerson

In this sermon, Gary Wilkerson discusses why we struggle with this mentality and how God wants to invite us into a better, more generous way of living.


Psalms: The Altar of Our Hearts

How do you pray to God with complete honesty about your struggles? When the Lord’s plans for your life seem completely derailed, how do you approach the Father with your heartache and anger? There are so few guidelines for these types of prayers in the modern church, but the Bible offers us an entire book of examples to follow and a road to follow toward healing.

In the first volume of this devotional series, Gary Wilkerson, pastor and president of World Challenge, examines the first twelve psalms and how each is a unique invitation to authentic prayer. Our heavenly Father de- sires a deep, genuine relationship with each one of us, but that can only happen if we are completely transparent with God about our doubts, struggles, and sorrows.

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