What Kind of King Is Jesus?

In this first message from Fire in Our Bones in NYC, Gary Wilkerson discusses the passage in Matthew 4 where Christ fasts for 40 days then is tempted by the devil. He addresses the questions of “What kinds of temptations will leaders experience while they are at the head of a church or ministry? How do pastors experience a passion for God where they do not grow weary of doing good?” Gary points to where scripture addresses these issues and directs leaders to God’s heart for his church.

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Pulpit Series Newsletters
Christ, the Searcher of Men’s Hearts
David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

It is clear the Lord loves his church and desires to bless it. So why does Revelation 2 present such a fearsome picture of Christ as he appears to his people?

Pulpit Series Newsletters
David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

Recuperando a Verdadeira Intimidade com Ele

Pulpit Series Newsletters
David Wilkerson (1931-2011)



主臨到出於愛心更正衪的子民, 好讓他們能被煉淨. 祂把啟示錄賜給約翰時, 首先說不要害怕. 「祂用右手按著我說:「不要怕。我是首先的,是末後的,亅(啟1:17). 繼而, 主實在說: 「我要教會裡每個人知道我臨到鑒察人心. 我目光如炬, 且以震撼靈魂的雷電來這樣做. 我絕不含糊; 我所要說的必令人札心, 也必醫治. 我必不容許任何兒女繼續漠不關心或靈裡矇蔽. 我必以眼和口來刺透每一表面的事亅.

Video Devotional
Saved by Grace Through Faith - Part 2

Because we are saved by God’s grace through the faith he gives us, we can’t take credit for our salvation.

The Bible’s Paradoxes and Seeming Contradictions

In this week’s episode, Gary Wilkerson and Joshua West discuss how to make sense of some of the Bible's seeming contradictions.

You Didn’t Choose God, He Chose You
Gary Wilkerson

Gary Wilkerson talks about how the 'holy hound of heaven' chases each one of us down and brings us to the Father.

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A Simple, Foolish or Evil Person?
World Challenge Staff

Scripture is clear about our call as believers to love others, but how do we love the people who are difficult and the ones who are dangerous? 

The Vision Audio Podcast

The Vision is a prayerfully compiled exploration of David Wilkerson’s vision about the world and church’s future. Natural disasters, corporate corruption and social scandals now play a regular part in our daily news, and while many might advocate blindly hoping for a brighter future, David’s book offers straightforward truth and a more Biblical response to horrific calamities and modern society’s rampant struggles.


Fire in His Bones

A collection of David Wilkerson’s most popular sermons, Fire in His Bones offers a practical theological message of hope and encouragement for all believers.

David Wilkerson’s work as a Christian evangelist and writer has left an indelible mark on the American church and the world. His message of revival encourages American believers to withstand future persecution and trials in even the darkest times.

Fire in His Bones offers timeless, prophetic lessons for believers in all walks of life—lifelong Christians and non-believers alike—that provide hope for overcoming sin, experiencing new life in the Holy Spirit and receiving fresh revelation from the Lord.

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