Evangelism & Discipleship

Evangelism & Discipleship

At the core of World Challenge’s mission is our desire to see lives transformed through the message and mission of Jesus Christ. This mission is carried out by equipping believers with tools to grow in their personal walk with Christ, and to introduce others to Jesus and disciple them. Local churches learn how to engage their communities and set up simple Bible study groups that easily can be replicated as the groups grow. As a result, many churches grow and new ones are planted, often made up almost entirely of new believers. Parenting and Christian family life is also emphasized, to ensure that couples understand how to love and serve each other and raise children who continue the legacy. Evangelism and discipleship are not just distinct ministry categories that our partner churches or communities can choose to participate in. They are the bedrock of every program and training module we offer.

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The gospel news about Christ is reaching some of the most remote parts of Asia and transforming families’ lives. 

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Christ still heals those who come to him in childlike faith, in this case a suffering young teenager in Cambodia.