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Strategies for teaching today's youth how to live a deeper faith and defend the truth.

Faith Answers

83% of today’s church youth don’t have a Christian worldview.

And most youth don’t feel they can ask questions or express doubts at church. That means today’s youth are primarily finding answers to life’s questions outside of the church.

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Evidence for Jesus: Non-Christian Sources

In part of two of this series on the evidence for Christ, Evan Wilkerson shows us credible sources outside the Bible that confirm Jesus walked this earth, none of which were favorable towards Christians or supported that Jesus is God. Through this evidence we see proof Jesus did exist and can confidently proclaim that we serve a risen King!

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Evidence for Jesus: Christian Sources

A question many Christians get, and perhaps asked themselves at one point is: Did Jesus really exit? Christian and even non-Christian scholars believe he did and we have ample evidence to prove it. In part 1 of a 2 part series, Evan Wilkerson walks us through the Christian resources and biblical texts we have today that prove Jesus did indeed live and is who he says he is.

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Evidence of Jesus’ Resurrection

Have you ever wondered if there is any evidence for your faith? When looking for answers to these questions the best place to start is with the greatest miracle of all time: Jesus’ resurrection from the dead.

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How the Resurrection Changed the World

The empty tomb, the appearances of Jesus and the radical transformation of the disciples act as the immediate or surrounding evidence of his resurrection, but there’s more.

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The Reliability of the New Testament

What is the difference between the story of, say, Icarus flying too close to the sun and the Boston Tea Party? One narrative contains almost no historical data, while the other was carried out on December 16, 1773 at Griffin’s Wharf.

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