How to Walk in God's Ultimate Favor

In the Western world, material wealth and influence can often distort our view of God’s blessings. While neither are bad things to have, Gary Wilkerson explores how mistaking these as God’s favor may lead to disillusion and frustration. Not asking God for certain things because they’re not “holy” enough is occasionally the reaction to this issue, but Gary talks about how this isn’t the answer when we want to experience God’s goodness in our lives.

Key Questions from the Podcast

  • How can we discern between our own agenda and God’s will?
  • How does God’s favor impact our life? How do we live out God’s favor?
  • What is God’s ultimate favor?
  • When bad things happen to me does that mean I have lost God’s favor?
  • Why is so much of the church struggling with discouragement and despair?
  • What do you say to those who think they deserve wealth, a good job, etc.?
  • How can we find God’s favor in the midst of life’s difficulties?

Notable Quotes from the Podcast

For this good news—that God has prepared this rest—has been announced to us just as it was to them. But it did them no good because they didn’t share the faith of those who listened to God. - Hebrews 4:2

God's favor is always there but it won't profit us if we don't enter into it by faith. – Gary Wilkerson

Faith is the key that unlocks God's favor in the reality of your life. It's not twisting God's arm and saying, “Please show me favor.” He's already doing that. It's up to us now to say, “Okay, by faith I am going to believe that.” – Gary Wilkerson

But the voice spoke again: “Do not call something unclean if God has made it clean.” – Acts 10:15

God wants to prosper and bless us, but we don't live for materialistic goods. – Gary Wilkerson

Ultimate favor is saying, “God, take the silver, gold, and everything else. I want you most. I want you more than anything.” – Gary Wilkerson

Take the whole world but give me Jesus. – Gary Wilkerson

As fathers we probably have all experienced that time when our kids said, “Daddy I love you not because of the stuff you give me but just for who you are.” – Gary Wilkerson

Once you realize that God of all wisdom—the God who knows everything perfectly—loves you and chose you, then you know there must be some value that he has created in you. He cast a favorable eye upon you and is working things for your good. When you know that it brings peace and contentment. – Gary Wilkerson

There's power in you, a godly warrior that doesn't cower to the enemy's onslaught. – Gary Wilkerson

Build your life on the solid rock. Let God construct something that is sound, healthy, alive and has his favor. – Gary Wilkerson

I've not met anybody pain free, who has everything all together, or not suffering in some realm or another. If you are not, just hang on, you will. It doesn't mean be defeated by it. Engage faith in the midst of these storms and the chaos of life, believing something good can come out of it. – Gary Wilkerson

I want to shake people's hearts up to come out of the spiritual funk of unbelief, doubt, and despair, and awaken in them the knowledge that God is there for them. – Gary Wilkerson

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. – Romans 10:17

Faith comes by hearing the word of God, but most of us are hearing the word of the enemy. We're hearing the devil say, “You're worthless, you're no good, you're a failure, you'll never make it, your kids are lost.” We start believing the lies, rather than believing what God says. – Gary Wilkerson

The power of positive thinking in itself is very limited, but the power of godly thinking, or God's favor instructing your thoughts, is having what the Bible calls the mind of Christ. It gives you a confidence that comes from the finished work of Jesus Christ. – Gary Wilkerson

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About Gary Wilkerson

Gary Wilkerson is the President of World Challenge, an international mission organization that was founded by his father, David Wilkerson. He is also the Founding Pastor of The Springs Church, which he launched in 2009 with a handful of people. He has traveled nationally and internationally at conferences and conducted mission ventures such as church planting, starting orphanages, clinics, feeding programs among the poorest of the poor and the most unreached people of the earth. Gary and his wife Kelly have four children and live in Colorado Springs, CO.