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Harvest in the Congo

Rachel Chimits
April 26, 2019

Years of dry work for one pastor is now yielding great community transformation and church growth.

For several years, Pastor Saidi attended community health seminars hosted by World Challenge partners. He was an active participant in discussion groups and was enthusiastic about the ideas presented.

When he returned home to his village of Bulongo in central Democratic Republic of Congo, he imparted the vision of how Christian community can practically address everyday issues several times to his church and community.

However, the ideas seemed to gain no traction. 

Becoming India's "Untouchable" and Beloved

Rachel Chimits
January 24, 2019

Freedom led to an act of kindness that brought a community together in the most unexpected way.

Hinduism has approximately 33 million gods, and nearly every aspect of nature or people’s life has a god or goddess associated with it. 

In addition to nitya, daily mantras and offerings, good Hindus must observe naimittika, festivals that require special offerings or observances. As a family experiences trouble or someone becomes ill, kamya are costly demonstrations of faith—a pilgrimage to special shrines or bathing in the Ganges River—to garner good favor with specific gods.