Fire in Our Bones - NYC Sermons


Day 1

What Kind of King Is Jesus?

Session 1 | Gary Wilkerson

How do church leaders respond when they are tired of fighting for the church? In this session, Gary Wilkerson discusses the passage in Matthew 4 where Christ fasts for 40 days then is tempted by the devil.

Exclamation Points & Question Marks

Session 2 | Tim Dilena

Sometimes our convictions from the Spirit are turned into uncertain questions in the middle of trials. In this session, Tim Dilena examines John the Baptist’s declaration “Here is the Lamb of God!” which turned into a question about if Jesus was the Messiah after John was put in prison.

The Anointing

Session 3 | R.T. Kendall

The account of King Saul, the prophet Samuel and young David has important implications for modern church leaders. In this session, R. T. Kendall discusses the lessons that God has for pastors in this particular historical account of Israel’s leaders.

Not Living Up to Your Label

Session 4 | Nicky Cruz

At some point in our lives we all get labeled by others, and some of us carry those labels until the day we die. Once applied, labels are hard to remove. They become self-fulfilling prophecies that affect how we live our lives.

Day 2

Protect Your Fire

Session 5 | Claude Houde

How do we ensure that our passion for and awareness of the Lord doesn’t dim? In this sermon, Claude Houde points out how men and women of God almost always fall into despair or compromise when they are isolated. Prayer dwindles and zeal for heaven dies when leaders are alone for too long. Nothing is more vital for maintaining for spiritual fire than making sure we have godly community and accountability.

His Staff & Rod

Session 6 | John Bailey

What does it mean to be a leader in submission to other leaders? In this session, John Bailey examines the story of young David as he worked under King Saul and how this season prepared David to be a humble leader. Leadership can be lonely business, and leaders can come under so many blows in the service of the Lord. When we feel as if no one around us cares for our soul, it trains us to rely on God in an unusual way.

The God or Nothing Ministry

Session 7 | Carter Conlon

Nothing can stand in for the power of God truly being present among God’s people. In this session, Carter Conlon appeals to believers to not settle for knowledge about the Lord when they could have the Father’s living presence among them. In the book of Acts, people were coming from the temple where they had received accurate biblical teaching, but they were not transformed until they encountered the Holy Spirit moving powerfully through the disciples. The same holds true for believers and the church today.

Day 3

Putting Robes Over Scars

Session 9 | Tim Dilena

Life is difficult and often leaves us deeply wounded. In this session, Tim Dilena discusses some of the reasons why God allows us to go through horrific circumstances. Out of the lives of Joseph and King Hezekiah, he illustrates the purpose God has for his servants as wounds heal into scars. Lord builds character and the fruits of his Spirit quicker in a wounded heart that has been surrendered into his hands than in anyone who is strong, competent and skilled in their own right.

The Deepest Groaning Within You

Session 10 | Carter Conlon

Are you willing to let your plans and agendas for your life die? In this session, Carter Conlon discusses how we hear clearly from the Spirit, hear the voice of God and finally identify the groaning in your soul. Most people say that they want to know what God’s will is and hear him speak, but almost just as many people find that God’s ideas and words don’t fit within our estimations of what life should look like or who we want to be. If we want to come into agreement with Spirit in our heart, we must overcome our own will and plans.

Speaker Panel

Session 11 |

A speakers' panel with Gary Wilkeson, Carter Conlon, Claude Houde and Tim Dilena.

We Are One In Christ

Session 12 | Donnie McClurkin