• A Simple, Foolish or Evil Person?

    Woman shouting into mic

    Scripture is clear about our call as believers to love others, but how do we love the people who are difficult and the ones who are dangerous? 

  • The Times I Hate God…

    People look at bonfire

    Jesus said that the greatest command was to love the Lord our God, but how often do we do the exact opposite…?

  • Slaves to the Stone and Mason

    woman making sculpture

    What do our struggles with sin and the troubles of life have to say about our relationship with God?

  • Don’t Shoot the Messenger

    Woman holding up hand

    God is sending us invitations to understand his character better, but not one human alive likes the packaging of his invites because it reveals our raw interiors, so we keep turning them down…

  • Can Deconstruction Be Good?

    Person standing with arrows concept decisions for the future with many direction arrow choices, left, right or move forward

    When deconstruction is mentioned in most modern news, it doesn’t tend to mean good things for Christians, but what if some of the church forefathers thought it was an important step in spiritual maturity?

  • The Three Woes of Relationships

    Two businessmen sit on bench, crossing their arms

    God places great spiritual importance on our connection with other people, so how do we make sure those relationships are healthy? 

  • The Bitter Root of Suffering

    Old tree roots in a dark forest on a rainy day

    Many biblical figures go through horrific circumstances, so why does God bring his people through incredible pain? 

  • Making the Church a House of Peace

    Man lifting his hand in worship at church

    Different denominations of Christianity often disagree with one another, so how do we find peace among ourselves in the house of God?

  • Swept Away to Unknown Places

    Man looking upon a lake

    When our lives are completely thrown off track, how do we handled the shattered dreams and goals that God chooses to not heal?

  • How to Make Ourselves Offense-proof

    Overwhelmed businessman with his coworkers

    Never has it been easier for us to be assaulted and insulted by other people’s ideas than in the modern day, so how do we avoid being injured by others’ opinions?