The Great Commission’s Call | World Challenge

The Great Commission’s Call

World Challenge Staff
October 3, 2019

A wide view of World Challenge’s recent growth and missional work to bring God’s good news to the nations.

This year has already been one of incredible blessings, a time to witness the Holy Spirit’s movement. So far in 2019, we are equipping churches in 23 countries and engaged in 52 overall.

We’ve had the opportunity to train over 1,500 leaders through 61 seminars in churches, homes and Bible colleges. We have over 4,300 volunteers who share what they learn with their neighbors.

As a result, many are coming to faith in Christ and are set free from the grips of poverty.

Lights in the Dark

Doors are opening now for us to reach the Middle East and Central Asia where persecution has historically been fierce and governments still repress the church.

On a recent trip in Asia, we traveled to a city believed to be the birthplace of Buddhism and the Bhakti movement, as well as a significant location for Hinduism and Sikhism. That evening, we went down to see the riverfront.

The experience was nearly overwhelming as we walked among sun-warmed temples huddled on the water’s edge, throngs of worshipers and religious ascetics prostrating themselves on the banks, a never-ending cycle of dead bodies being burned and people ringing gongs to the backdrop of constantly yapping and howling street-dogs.

Many of these traditions have been going on for thousands of years, and the toll of demonic activity is painfully evident in the relentless monetary and spiritual cost to already hard-pressed locals.

Still, the light of God’s word is growing even in this very dark place.

The local church there is seeing growth as they work protect orphaned children, provide for abandoned widows, alleviate poverty among the untouchable caste and spread the gospel’s good news.

One community noted great changes to their children’s health. They said that diarrhea has virtually been eradicated since they began practicing our preventative health lessons. Another community made special mention of their savings groups, which have allowed them to open several small businesses.

The Spirit’s redemptive work is having tangible effects on their everyday lives.

The Heart of the Work

One of our long-time partners, Pastor Philemon, is currently working with several churches to bring peace and unity between three Kenyan tribes that have traditionally fought one another. As he mused on the situation, he said, “We really appreciate how you pray and support us to do ministry and win many to Christ.”

This encapsulates the heart of our work. We envision thriving churches and communities where every person experiences reconciliation in broken relationships as well as restoration of hope, health and dignity as disciples of Jesus.