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To Read, Or Not to Read?

Rachel Chimits
August 28, 2020

Christians are not always fans of fiction, so should we avoid the fantastical or is there some value to be had in made-up stories?

Most people are at least passingly familiar with Ray Bradbury’s book Fahrenheit 451. It’s required reading in at least some schools, though how many students actually read it is still a matter of debate. Still, most people know the general ins and outs of the plot.

Getting Trapped in Mary’s Room

Rachel Chimits
August 14, 2020

Acclimating to a life with limited human relationships is all too easy for some, especially during a season of social distancing, but is that healthy?

Frank Cameron Jackson, professor of philosophy, created the now famous scenario called “Mary’s Room” to demonstrate the limits of knowledge.

Say It Like You Mean It

Rachel Chimits
August 3, 2020

Bad apologies are easy to find and even easier to produce, but what exactly makes a genuinely good apology?

One golden example of how not to make amends would be our dearly beloved Justin Bieber. He has left these glorious tidbits indelibly inscribed on social media and the internet for all posterity.