• Shining Glory or a Bloody Cross?

    A woman, sitting on a porch, looking out onto a sunset

    Are we following a theology of glory or a theology of the cross? The difference may seem small, but it’s incredibly significant for the power and efficacy of our faith. 

  • The Friend Who Stays

    Two friends laughing together

    We all want relationships with people who know us well and love us, but what is the secret ingredient to friendships that last? 

  • The Debate of Nice Vs. Kind

    Group of friends having dinner together

    Although most people don’t realize it, there is a vast difference between being nice and being kind, and one is far more biblical than the other. 

  • Laying a Robe Over the Scars

    Woman on the beach

    Life is difficult and often leaves us deeply wounded. Friends, family members or coworkers who betray us or lie about us can deal incredible harm to our hearts and minds. Why God allows us to go through horrific circumstances?

  • All of Us with Unveiled Faces

    Man in shadows

    We often hide from one another, sometimes to keep them from knowing us, sometimes to protect ourselves, but how do we achieve a life free of this veiled existence?

  • Staying on the Narrow Way

    Man hiking along a mountain

    On either side of the gospel are two slippery paths called cheap grace and legalism that we may fall into so easily unless we take action. 

  • Opposite Poles of Pride and Humility

    Man praying to God with sun setting in background

    Any discussion of humility and how we obtain is not complete without also addressing pride and humanity’s perennial struggle with this vice.

  • A Tree to Be Rejoiced Over

    Man picking fruit from tree

    Churches and believers talk a lot about the fruits of the Spirit, but why does it matter so much and how exactly does anyone go about getting these virtues? 

  • In a Fight for Our Lives

    Two men kickboxing

    Guilt, depression, anxiety and all sorts of spiritual accusations can suddenly catch us by surprise, so how do we combat those moments with the truths we have in Christ. 

  • Who Are You…Really?

    Young man looking toward the sunset

    A godly identity should have integrity so that we are the same no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in, but so often hard words or bad behavior bubbles up, and we wonder why?