Fire in Our Bones - San Diego 2024

The church in America needs an awakening. We need a move of God. Pastors and leaders, it starts with us.

Our heart is to see your passion for God and your calling rekindled…to see a fresh vision spark in your heart for your congregation and community…to see you walk in the power and victory of the Cross.

Join us in San Diego, February 28-March 1 to pray, worship and believe God together for a transformation in us and our nation.


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Pulpit Series Newsletters
God Is Faithful, Even When We Are Not
David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

I know all about the restraining hand of the Lord. He allows his children to go only so far but no further. In my early days of ministry, he restrained me when I was ready to quit during times of awful discouragement. At times, I felt overwhelmed by all the financial responsibilities. I felt like a failure as a husband and father as well. I would get so low about my overwhelming obligations that I thought my faith would shatter completely.

Real and Genuine in a Superficial and Posing Generation

In this episode, Gary Wilkerson and Joshua West discuss how believers’ authenticity is needed to reach a world desperately longing for something genuine.

Old tree roots in a dark forest on a rainy day
The Bitter Root of Suffering
John Bailey

Many biblical figures go through horrific circumstances, so why does God bring his people through incredible pain? 

The Vision Audio Podcast

The Vision is a prayerfully compiled exploration of David Wilkerson’s vision about the world and church’s future. Natural disasters, corporate corruption and social scandals now play a regular part in our daily news, and while many might advocate blindly hoping for a brighter future, David’s book offers straightforward truth and a more Biblical response to horrific calamities and modern society’s rampant struggles.

Why God Allows Troubles in a Christian Life
David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

All believers go through times of hardship, but some Christians constantly seem to go from one trial to the next. In this sermon, David Wilkerson talks about the important message that God has for all of his children who are suffering, but especially those who seem to experience perpetual hardship.

The “Fully Preached” Gospel
David Wilkerson (1931-2011)

Supernatural events took place in the New Testament church without perversions, showmanship or any person claiming the credit. The modern church should be the same.


2024 Promise Calendar

The World Challenge annual calendar is meant to help you keep your heart engaged in God's word all year long. Verses for every day to challenge you to draw nearer to God.

All believers have been given the gift of the Spirit with salvation; the Father has placed his fire in our hearts. We are called to fan the flames of the spiritual gifts God has given us.

May this prayer calendar help stir up a longing and passion to be with our Father in heaven and see his work done on earth.

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